Crossing over to the Dark Side

Finally, my plan to cross over to the dark side of diving has come to fruition.

Technical diving is one of the most contentious issues in the scuba diving arena. Many argue about how to define it. Some question why it’s necessary. There are even those who wield it as a holier-than-thou stick with which to beat others.
I just call it going doubles, as in connecting two tanks with a manifold. Mine happens to have an isolation valve to keep the tanks’ contents together or separate as required. Since I’m short (5’1″), I’ve chosen a 5′ hose for my primary reg (MR22 Abyss) instead of the usual 7′ snake. My short torso also necessitated a small, 4-pound stainless steel backplate with which to connect my 45 lb bungeed wing.

So why double up? Well, for one thing, it allows me to have equipment self-sufficiency. For another, it allows me to make single longer dives; being lazy by nature, I would rather make a single long dive than 2 shorter ones – I hate changing tanks! That’s work…I try to avoid that wherever possible.
A valiant attempt last Sunday to test-dive the rig in Humber Bay Park West (Lake Ontario) in west end Toronto ended in a decision never to dive there again! Take 2 was supposed to be at Big Bay Point (Innisfil Beach, Lake Simcoe) but ended up happening at a friend’s swimming pool for reasons best not to dwell on.
After some small adjustments to the harness, the rig sits perfectly on me. Trim is good and boy does the rig feel great on in the water!
    • Reginald Braithwaite
    • July 9th, 2007


    You looked plenty comfortable with your new rig diving in Brockville. Congratulations on crossing over!

  1. Now you are ready to do some serious diving on the bell Island wrecks.
    Won’t be needed with the whales though…Hopefully next time we get you with the whales.

    Congrats on taking the big leap!!


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