Between a great dive and a lousy one

We’re always a few breaths between having a great dive and lousy one.

Underwater, anything that gets your mind away from a state of calm yet alert risks ruining your dive: getting frustrated with a piece of equipment, struggling with buoyancy, feeling uncomfortable, etc.

Anytime I feel discombobulated underwater, I take the time to go back to the first thing I was taught: STOP, BREATHE, THINK, then ACT.

I focus on breathing instead of the problem I’m having. Regaining composure puts me in a better state of mind to manage that problem.

Works every time.

Yesterday, for instance, nearly 2 hours into a dive, I start feeling the call of nature. That set me off shivering. Using yoga breathing techniques, I re-focused my mind on my breath. It didn’t remove my urge to go, but it effectively put that call of nature on hold. 🙂

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