Dufferin Wall

Norbert on the Dufferin Wall at 150'Decompressing at 20' on the Dufferin WallGreig, the lone rebreather diverNorbert decompressing at 30' off Lady DufferinRob and Norbert decompressing off the Dufferin WallNorbert
Paul, Norbert, and RobPaul, Norbert, and RobPaul and Greig on the Dufferin Wall at 140'Off to the next deco stop

Dufferin Wall, a set on Flickr.

The Dufferin Wall is named for the wreckage of the Lady Dufferin. Wrecked in 1886, the Lady Dufferin now lays scattered in a few sections on the shoals at the entrance to Georgian Bay, starting in about 40 feet of crystal clear water all the way down past 250 feet.

What I love about this site is the always spectacularly clear waters, especially at the shallows. It’s also a great site for training scuba divers of all levels: the rocky bottom that’s impossible to silt up, the gradual depths, and the drop-off at 95 feet to more than 300 feet.

The Dufferin Wall is a geological dive featuring rock formations. Not much fish life to be seen, except for the occasional freshwater goby and the abundant zebra mussels. Every now and then, I’ve seen freshwater sponges, but those are rare.

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