Bow of the SligoNorbert with the Sligo's Wheel INorbert with the Sligo's Wheel IINorbert on the Sligo INorbert Between Two Beams on the SligoNorbert on the Sligo II

The Wreckage of the SligoNorbert over the Stern of the SligoOver the Stern Wreckage of the SligoOver the Sligo's Stern WreckageDivers Over the Forward Wreckage of the SligoBetween Two Posts on the Sligo

Underwater Photographer On the SligoDivers at the Sligo's BowNorbert and the Sligo's Wheel IILight and Lines on the SligoLights on the SligoCurves of the Gunwhale on the Sligo

Diver and WreckageRailings on the Sligo IRailings on the Sligo IIAmidships on the SligoBeacon on the Sligo's BowPortside on the Sligo

Sligo, a set on Flickr.

Tom Wilson has written up a short but informative story about the Sligo that I won’t plagiarize here!

As the photos show, the Sligo is a fun little wreck to dive on, with a lovely intact wheel sitting all by its lonesome about 10 feet from the flattened stern wreckage. The wheel is at a good 30 degree angle from the lake bed facing away from the wreck, so photographing it well means not having the wreck in the background.

We dove the Sligo on a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon. It was a real treat to have such a nice little dive so close to home. And it was neat having the Toronto skyline as our backdrop during the surface interval.

Eric Cooper‘s speedy Aquaholic made for a short ride out to the wreck site.

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