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The 411 on Diving Tobermory

Tobermory ranks high on my list of favourite places to dive.

Map of TobermoryDive Shop

Owned and operated by Steve and Krista Tiernan, Tobermory Aquasports is my favourite place to get air fills. Steve and Krista also have great taste in t-shirts, so stay and check those out while you’re there. Steve is also my favourite charter and captain; if you’ve ever seen him dock his boat Teak Isle at the the marina in Tobermory, you’ll understand why. The man can coax his boat to turn on a dime and inch into position with barely any room to manoevre.

Tobermory Aquasports is on the west side of Highway 6. When you see the Stedman’s store on your right as you’re driving north on Highway 6, SLOW DOWN because you’ll be turning left onto Steve and Krista’s property in a few yards.


I love Adventure the Bruce for its tiled floors, since it’s easy on my allergies to mold and other unseen things. They also have beautiful grounds with patio sets just outside your room, some of which are near ponds, and where you can relax after a day’s diving goodness and tuck into their yummy pizzas. For a small fee, you can also use their BBQ and outdoor jacuzzi, if you still haven’t had enough of water. Adventure the Bruce is on the east side of Highway 6, just before the sideroad (which is across from the RBC building) that takes you to the Parks Canada office, where you’ll need to stop in for a tag to dive Fathom Five Marine National Park.

A close second for me is Bruce Anchor Motel, at the end of Highway 6, also on the east side. The rooms are nice and clean, but the drawback for me is that there’s carpeting. Otherwise, it’s a great spot with a beach volleyball pit and BBQ as well.

Good Eats

If you’re into deep fried, Tobermory’s the place for you. For a healthy and tasty variation on the Heart Attack Special, I love A Mermaid’s Secret on the west side of Highway 6, just south of the Legion Hall, at the entrance to downtown Tobermory. They have smoothies, gourmet panini sandwiches, Kicking Horse coffee, and loose leaf tea that’s brewed just for you in your own teapot. Their Heart Attack Special is a large selection of decadent desserts.

Sunday afternoons just before we head home, many people like to stop by Little Tub Bakery, just north of Tobermory Aquasports. Little Tub Bakery has fantastic bread that they make good ol’ fashioned sandwiches with, as well as pizza, but in reality, most people just want to get their paws on the butter tarts. Two summers ago, a black bear broke into the bakery and was discovered sitting comfortably on one of the fridges, tucking into…what else? Butter tarts.