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Gotta love decorator crabs

One of my all-time favourite creatures. In this video by Anna and Ned De Loach, one guy thought it was a good idea to sport an anemone on his back. As Anna narrates it, it rather defeated the purpose of camouflage when what should be anchored to the reef (the anemone), is running drunkenly at full tilt across it. LOL Is this guy a candidate for the Darwin Awards?

My brother and I found one on a night dive in Malaysia a few years back dressed in a bright red anemone. When he found himself in the spotlight, he tore across the bottom panick-stricken, tripping over and running into stuff.


Diving in Antarctica

I’m so pleased that Scuba Diving magazine featured a cold-water diving destination on their website. And for that icing on top, the video features a woman diver, Lisa Trotter. She’s my kind of woman!!

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the gender stereotypes about diving: that hard core diving is only for men and that women only like warm, tropical diving.

The funny thing is, I’ve met men who are just a bit miffed about women who can make the tough dives and use the macho equipment. It almost seems that by doing so, these women are an affront to their manhoods.

Kinda sucks, I guess, for the He Man Woman Hater Club. Heeheehee!

Discovery Channel Contributes to Shark Misogyny

I happened to catch an episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive on Discovery Channel last night. This particular episode was about a pair of research divers who survived more than 12 hours adrift in the South Pacific near The Solomon Islands. A whole hour of irresponsible fear mongering. Continue reading