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My New Twins

Double 100's

Double 100's

On Monday, I test dove my new twins: a set of XS Scuba high pressure 100’s.

Norbert and I wanted to see if these slightly taller tanks (than my HP 80’s) would trim out better. And they did! I feel so grown up, what with these so-called real tanks, as if the HP 80’s were somehow tanks for weenies.

They’re an extra 6 lbs heavier than my twin 80’s. Not too much more, but I have to admit my legs felt the extra 6 lbs after a weekend of climbing up boat ladders!


She-P Saga

The day I’ve been dreaming about has finally arrived: someone very clever by the name of Heleen Graauw developed an external female catheter for diving in a dry suit.

The product is called She-P and promises well-hydrated dives for girl divers everywhere!

There’s just one problem. It’s made to fit a Halcyon p-valve. Just my luck that I’m limited to an OMS p-valve.

So I’m still far from nirvana while the seemingly fruitless search for a suitably sized (3/16″) quick disconnect barbed tube connector.