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Countdown to Northwind Expedition: Sept 18-21

Eight more sleeps to the Northwind Expedition! I’m so looking forward to diving a new wreck, especially one with so much to explore. Tom Wilson’s notes and pix on the dive are making me excited to test my diving skills. 🙂

Plus, I get to ride on the Chi-Cheemaun for the first time ever!

There’s still time and space to join the expedition: $300 for two days of all-you-can-dive. Call AquaSub at 905 883 3483.


  • Book passage on the Chi-Cheemaun
  • Friday Sept 18: travel to Tobermory to catch the Chi-Cheemaun, check in at The Queen’s Inn Bed and Breakfast
  • Saturday Sept 19: devour gourmet breakfast at Queen’s Inn and head out for a day of  diving!
  • Sunday Sept 20: see Saturday
  • Monday Sept 21: say goodbye and hope to come back again!