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Four Enormous Shipwrecks And One Man-Sized Jellyfish

The Man-Sized Jellyfish
We ended the week’s dives with something unexpected.

As I neared the end of my dive on the PLM, I looked out over the wreck and saw something approaching just beyond visibility. Ah, another of those beautiful Lion’s Mane jellyfish.

Except this one had a body that was bigger than I was and tentacles that trailed back forever.

Where is Lucy English? I had seen her hovering nearby. She wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t share this sight with her. There she was. By then, the rest of our group was re-grouping nearby as well. I finally sighted Norbert and gestured impatiently for him to come over with his camera. Tom English and I, in telepathic fashion, instinctively swam into view of Norbert’s camera to give some sense of scale.

And there we all were, hovering in awe of this massive life form pulsating with this indescribable inner glow, the shipwreck beneath us all but forgotten.